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The Nar Exus star system, home of the Nar Exus Triumvirate in B.C. Laybolt's Sci-Fi Series.


The online guide to the Nar Exus Triumvirate, set in the far future of B.C. Laybolt 's military sci-fi Trilogy: To Drown in Sand, To Drown in Ash, and To Drown in Fire.

The 10th Lunen Regiment is a unit of specialized Naval Infantry set in the far future of the upcoming novels. Below you will find entries for the world-building and technology aspects of the universe, as well as entries related to the series and its future.

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Books And Short StoriesEdit

Petty Officer Fiodek Berr is assigned to lead Third Squad across the last island of the Derry Atrus Atoll. Orksen Isle is the final desperate holdout of the enemy forces to be defeated before he and the rest of the 10th Lunen Regiment can land on the beachhead of the Alseiry Peninsula and complete the Triumvirate's stabilization of Shastre.
But the Lunen are only just becoming aware of  the dark force that controls the Shastreans, and the madness that drives them to kill every last Triumvirate soldier. And Berr and his squad are about to find out how deadly Shastre can be. 
Ordinary seaman Kyris Issep joins the 10th Lunen Regiment in a search for redemption from his tragic past. He soon finds that there are greater dangers than just the enemy force that has seized the Alseiry Peninsula of Shastre. For Issep must overcome the painful history that drives his pursuit for vengeance, and win the respect of the hardened veterans of the Lunen.

A friend from Issep's past finds him in the terrors of the war for Shastre, intent on guiding Issep to his salvation. But the forces of Ter Ense have other plans for the 10th Lunen Regiment, and, after carving a scar of destruction across the planet's surface, cut off 1st Squad in the jungles of Northern Alseiry.
While unseen forces wrestle for control of his destiny, Issep and the rest of his squad must survive alone behind enemy lines in a desperate attempt to escape, and rescue the 10th from complete destruction.

The Nar Exus TriumvirateEdit

  • The Triumvirate:
  • NETSeF (Nar Exus Triumvirate Security Force): 

The Nar Exus Solar SystemEdit

  • Lunen
    • Caija: home region of the Chireesh people.
  • Werjegna ("Ver-yeg-na")
  • Svojairji
  • Shastre
    • The Alseiry Peninsula

Cast of CharactersEdit

The original members of 1st Squad, Dorsal Boat:

  • Ordinary Seaman Kyris Issep - Call-sign: "Cerbrus"
  • Able Seaman Bivka - "Biv"
  • Able Seaman Lesrsod - "Kaiten"
  • Able Seaman Pouyens - "French Fry"
  • Leading Seaman Wuidfoksl - "Toast"
  • Leading Seaman Hittlewyn - "Hitter"
  • Master Seaman Heswep - "Gurse"
  • Master Seaman Prodtyrn - "Pipes"
  • Master Seaman Nimbinoe "Killick", (and later) "Snowstick"
  • Pettty Officer (2nd Class) Peifrig

Later reinforcements:

  • Ordinary Seaman Pollus - "Pollock"
  • Leading Seaman Douglas - "Gunner"
  • Lieutenant Hucfea - "Huck"

2nd Squad:

3rd Squad:

Other Lunen Staff:

Non-Lunen Triumvirate Army Staff:

  • Sergeant Stidicoe
  • Sergeant Omram

The 7th Regiment:

  • Admiral Drien



  • The Monolith-class Werjegna battle tank

Battlefield EquipmentEdit

Story DevelopmentEdit

Originallly intended as a series of serialized story segments to entertain members in the Canadian Forces overseas, writer B.C. Laybolt found the story developed its own momentum once he wrote the first three chapters. After 16 months, he had the first draft completed.

In August of 2013, Laybolt released a 40-page short story prequel Ebook: Upon A Wake of Flame.

Several revisions later, with the help of a dedicated team of experts in the Space, Weapons, and Military fields and editing Betas, he completed the first book of the series. It was released on Amazon in November of 2013. The Createspace softcover went live on December 18, 2013. Laybolt is currently hard at work on the sequel, while the first novel in the trilogy with a planned release on November 2014.

Tribute to the Canadian ForcesEdit

"The history of the Canadian Forces is deep, rich, and incredible." Laybolt says. "And the contributions and actions of Atlantic Canadians throughout global-conflict history is the stuff of legend around the world. Units like the Black watch, The West Novies, and the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, that have become renowned for their resilience and tenacity. That kind of richness, just like every unit in the CF...they are my heroes. I find there hasn't been enough exploration of that grafted into Canadian culture like I think it should be. And I'm thinking the Sci-Fi genre in Canada is pretty much the perfect venue for that. We have heroes. They have stories. The Canadian military should be celebrated in any way we can...built into our national identity. If there's anyway we can promote that, then I think it must be done." 

Indy E-PubbingEdit

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